WizBang aids in learning and teaching procedural programming.


Design procedures by dragging & dropping shapes.  Control procedure flow by dragging connection arrows from one shape to another.  Run and debug your procedure from within WizBang.

Key Features

Real Code.

Real Simple.

WizBang can compile any procedure built using WizBang to valid, working code in any supported imperative language.  Currently, WizBang can compile to C, C++, Java, and Python, with perl support coming soon.

Demo Video


View your WizBang program in valid C code.

Run your program in debug mode and watch it execute step-by-step!

Build and use functions to teach proper program structure.

Compile to C

Debug Mode

New in WizBang Beta 3

For Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

WizBang Beta 3


Free Downloadhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/wizbang

Visual Programming

Real Code Output


WizBang is free under GPLv3 and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Source code available here.